Idol Manager: Idol Stats & Building a Targeted Fanbase

What Idols’ stats mean, the demographics they appeal to, and the importance of building a targeted fanbase.   Idol & Group Stats I’m sure most of you reading this have done at some point what I also did the first time I played Idol Manager; You started an audition and the first thing you do … Read more

Idol Manager: Idol Traits List (Traits & Descriptions)

A simple list of all idol traits and their descriptions.   Idol Traits In all, there are 39 traits to be found within Idol Master: Amorous – More prone to romantic involvement Annoying – When participating in group activities, the other girls participating consume 1.2x more stamina than usual Anxiety – Gets a slight reduction in all stats … Read more

Idol Manager: Keyboard Shortcuts & How to Cheat

While I’m sure I will miss a few things, I want to remind you that, from what I gather, Idol Manager is meant to be a challenge so to get the most fun out of the game don’t bother using cheats… or at the very least use them sparingly.   Normal commands Time speed: 1,2,3 … Read more

Idol Manager: Beginner Player’s Guide (How to not go Bankrupt)

Is your agency bleeding money? Are you constantly going bankrupt without understanding how you’re supposed to avoid it? Follow these basic fundamental tips.   The TL;DR For those who just want the short version of this guide, here it is: The 4 simple steps for not going bankrupt in the early game: Build a break … Read more