Icarus: Weather Guide (All You Should Know)

Here is a detailed guide about the weather system in the Icarus game.   Icarus Weather Overview *Warning this contains Beta information that may and will likely change before Release* *This contains Spoilers* Icarus was a failed project of terraforming and due to this failure, there are some extreme weather conditions. The effects and types of … Read more

Icarus Beta Beta Map: Storms Update (September 10-12th)

In this guide are all versions of the Beta Map and updated to the current version!   Beta Map: Storms Update (Beta 2: September 10-12th) Beta Map: Storms Update – Grids Beta Map: Storms Update – Beta Comparisons The Green section is what was open in Beta 1: Forest. This is a comparison to show … Read more

Icarus: All Different Types of Ore

Here is a quick guide to the different types of Ore in Icarus!   Rock Basic Tier 1 material used for crafting tools and buildings! Oxite Ore Basic Tier 1 material used for creating oxygen! You can consume it raw or add to Oxite machines to generate O2. Silica Ore Basic material used to craft … Read more

Icarus: Cave Map (How to Find)

Beta Version | This is the current map image of all known caves! Please send me notes if you found any other caves!   Cave Map Cave Mechanics: Caves are not a guaranteed spawn, even the same prospect can change their state Caves can spawn exposed (open), blocked by rocks (closed), or locked (do not … Read more