Hunt Showdown: Rin’s Stalker Beetle Locations

here is a map that fit for a Beetle Queen, it will update as more is discovered and confirmed to be spawn loc’s.   Current Maps Simply enough, The Red Circles are Permanent Spawn. The Blue Circles are Possible Wall Spawns. The Green Circles are possible Cart Spawns. Stillwater Bayou Lawson Delta Desalle Thanks to … Read more

Hunt Showdown: Desalle Sniper Sightlines Map

Colored map of notable Desalle sniper tower, sightlines made via eyeballing really hard. May not be entirely accurate.   Quick Introduction I made this map for my own personal use so that I can know what sniper spots can see what areas, for my own immersive solo mosin sniper exit camper experience. My use for … Read more

Hunt Showdown Best Poison Build 2021

Slowly make your enemies pay for what they did to you. In this guide, you will learn how to use poison, traps and fulfill the support role in your trio. No one will access the boss lair unless you want to.   Introduction The objective of this guide is to present you a fun way … Read more

Hunt: Showdown – How to Find Your Traits

How to find your traits you need, traits can grant passive bonuses to Hunters. Here is a video comparison with and without traits. For your convenience, the timecode will be put below. 0:13 – BeastFace 0:22 – Bolt Seer 0:38 – Bulletgrubber 0:50 – Conduit 1:00 – Deadeye Scopesmith 1:11 – Decoy Supply 1:15 – … Read more