HUMANKIND™: Culture Tier List (Which Culture is the Best)

Here’s a guide to help you decide on which culture is the best for which purpose. For each culture I will assign a letter from S-tier (the best of the best) to D-tier (the worst of the worst). I will write a paragraph explaining why I think this culture deserves its place. Of course this … Read more

HUMANKIND™: Map Editor Territory Constraints and Caps

This guide contains information regarding territory sizes, tile count and hard/soft caps on territories, for anyone interested in map making.   Introduction This is a bit nitty-gritty, but if you want to make proper maps, you’ll probably get some help from this, as this information (to my knowledge) isn’t available anywhere else. If you’re not … Read more

HUMANKIND™: Map Editor Guide (How to Edite Map)

Here is the manual to guide you in the map editor tool of Humankind.   I. BASICS 1. LAUNCHING THE HUMANKIND MAP EDITOR In the Main Menu, go to “Extras”, then “Community” and “Map Editor” From there, you can either: • Launch the editor with the default map by clicking on “Launch Editor” • Load … Read more