House Party: All Console Commands (2022 New Update)

Here is a cheat guide for you to find all the latest console commands for the House Party game. Note: House Party is out of Early Access and the Female Player is live on July 16, 2022.   How to Enable Console To use the commands, you must open the command console in the game. You … Read more

House Party: All Cutscenes Guide (Updated Sep 2021)

Here is a guide on how to use the CutScene command to experience the new intimacy POV cutscenes. Note: This guide is created by TÜV Rheinland, that is updated to Version 0.20 in September 2021.   EZ mode Hi all, this is the EZ mode section right at the beginning of the guide, with all the … Read more

House Party: How the Events Command Works

In this guide i explore the Events command from the console “`” or “Ö”   How can this even be useful?? Well, I also had no idea until the day I wrote this guide. I wanted to help someone from the House Party Discord, and tried around with this command. I will present you the … Read more

House Party: How to Use the New CutScene Command (Version > 0.19.2)

In this guide i hope to show you how you can use the CutScene command to experience the new intimacy POV cutscenes.   0. Syntax 0.1 available cutscene modes (appear in the help) 0 = PlayScene 1 = PlayRandomSceneFromLocation 0.2 actual syntax for a random cutscene at the location: cutscene 1 *Location* *Character* for a specific cutscene: cutscene 0 *Scene* *Character* … Read more

House Party: How to Enable Uncensored DLC

Here is a simple tutorial for you on how to enable Explicit DLC.   How to Uncensor Note that since 0.17.3 uncensor text file no longer works as you must have DLC and this guide only works for those that their region allows. Step 1: First download DLC from store page. Game will pop up, but … Read more

House Party: Item Placement for 0.17.3 (Dereck Update)

Items/Collectable locations for the newest update! (0.17.3)   Items and their locations room by room. Living room (Frank’s Location) Coffee – On table to the left of Frank Tablet, TV Remote, DVD – On the counter in front of the TV Credit Card – Right drawer of the Computer table 8x Natty Lites – In … Read more