Honey I Joined a Cult: Free Sermon Boosts (Exploit)

An exploit currently in the game that lets you boost your sermons, but pay standard sermon influence for it   So you fancy yourself a cult leader Don’t we all, well, here’s a quick way to boost your sermon hosting outcome for free For the TL;DR just read the name of each step, should be … Read more

Honey I Joined a Cult: Guaranteed Bathroom Maintenance

Tired of your maintenance workers never fixing your broken sinks and toilets? Never worry again! With my patented technique your worker will fix everything in the bathroom every day, guaranteed!   The Method (Bathroom Maintenance Fix) By making your workers only able to access the maintenance room through the bathroom like shown below, your workers … Read more

Honey I Joined a Cult: How to Find Follower Quality

Here is a simple guide on how to obtain the ability to see follower traits and their quality before recruiting them! Note: This guide is accurate for V0.3.27*   How to Find Follower Quality * – There is a confirmed bug in this version that does not update the progress bar (visually) for the followers using the … Read more