Hollow Knight: How to Modify Charm Costs (Save Editing)

A guide on adjusting charm notch costs.   How to Modify Charm Costs 1. Download¬†dnSpy[github.com]¬†for 64-bit 2. Launch dnSpy and go to File > Open 3. Open Hollow Knight’s Assembly-CSharp.dll file which is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed\ 4. Expand Assembly-CSharp 5. Expand { } – 6. Expand PlayerData 7. Select SetupNewPlayerData 8. … Read more

Hollow Knight: All Bosses Ranking

This is a guide dedicated solely to ranking all of the bosses in Hollow Knight. It is not a walkthrough or a strategy handbook, it is simply meant to rank how good or bad each individual boss is.   Introduction Today, I will rank each boss in Hollow Knight. On a scale from F to … Read more

Hollow Knight: Mr. Mushroom Locations

Who is the Herald, and how do you help him pass on? Step-by-step Mr. Mushroom locations.   Starting Mr. Mushroom’s Quest The Passing of the Age achievement is one of the hardest to get without a guide – even Hunter’s Mark and the Steel Soul achievements are explained more thoroughly by their descriptions. In order … Read more