Hitman Absolution: How to Skip Intro

Here’s how you can skip all of the game intro videos and go directly to the menu after the first load, credits below   How to skip the intro Step 1 Go to: Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\loadingloop.bik copy 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid to your desktop or somewhere convenient Step 2 Go to: Hitman Absolution\runtime\ui\menu\videos\boot\legallines_pc.bik paste 9AC41E1A8910FFC37AC7F66AE35AF849.pc_binkvid select AF079CC4DBE8E91C0EA5E8400EA12E95.pc_binkvid press F2 press Ctrl + C … Read more