HighFleet: How to Get Infinite Money

Get unlimited dosh through editing your save file’s bonus money. Applies at the start of the campaign.   Getting payed Here’s how to get unlimited money in HighFleet in 13 easy steps: 1. Right-click on HighFleet in your steam library. 2. Click on properties. 3. Click on local files. 4. Click browse. 5. Double-click on … Read more

HighFleet: How to Unlock All Ships (Save Editing)

Easy way to unlock all ships in game   How to How to Unlock All Ships by editing save Just go to your save folder (\\Steam\steamapps\common\HighFleet\Saves) and find file Profile.seria. There will be many lines, that looks like this: m_unlocks=Tarantul ARM|0 m_unlocks=Fenek|1 m_unlocks=Nomad|0 m_unlocks=Fenek Mk2|0 m_unlocks=Rook|1 m_unlocks=Kormoran|1 m_unlocks=Gepard|1 m_unlocks=Tanker|0 m_unlocks=Lancer|0 m_unlocks=Skylark|1 m_unlocks=Navarin|1 m_unlocks=Gladiator|1 m_unlocks=Lightning Mk3|0 m_unlocks=Jaguar … Read more

HighFleet: How to Sudden Strike

After some experimentation I think I have figured out the Sudden Strike mechanic, as well as what the CHANCE numbers in the ship editor mean.   Sudden strike secrets revealed In summary, the chance for sudden strike means your battlegroup will succeed against Chance% of the enemy groups you may encounter. (Note, I didn’t say … Read more

HighFleet: How to Modify the starting campaign bonuses for your saves

This simple guide will explain how to edit your campaign bonuses to give you as much money as you need.   Brief Overview As of today, 05.08.2021, in the current game version, the dev decided to heavily nerf the campaign bonuses. The current bonuses now rest at approximately 10k for capturing the first fleet headquarters, … Read more

HighFleet: R-3N Installation Box Fix (Step-by-step Tutorial)

This guide provides step-by-step tutorial how to modify “parts.seria” so your R-3N will have same placement requirements, as other conventional and nuclear tactical missiles.   Intro Pretty much all of us, who use editor already seen that almost all conventional and nuclear tactical missiles require two 2×2 hull boxes. The only exception is R-3N, which … Read more

HighFleet Guide (Radar, Aircraft, Ship Systems, and Nuclear Warfare)

Brief overview on the unexplained game systems for the junior Tarkhan. Good knowledge on these concepts are crucial for your success in any operation.   Radar Radars are detection systems that use radio waves to detect objects.OPERATIONPress the 1 button to conduct a single sweep. Press the infinity button to conduct continuous sweeps. Or if … Read more