Hero’s Hour: Skirmish #29 Guide (How to Beat)

Quick guide on how to beat this garbage level so you won’t waste your time like me.   Unit List 20 Bearguards 4 Seamares 50 Seastars 4 Flamebirds Strategy This map is an RNG fiesta. There’s no method to win consistently, since the outcome depends on 2 random factors: map terrain and behavior of the … Read more

Hero’s Hour: All Summoning List (Pillars of Essence)

This is a list of all summonings using the Pillar Faction’s special building Pillars of Essence.   Introduction on the sorting The three first numbers represent the ressources used, this way: Gold = 1 Ore = 2 Wood = 3 Mercury = 4 Crystal = 5 Sulphur = 6 Gem = 7 P represents the … Read more

Hero’s Hour: Speedrun Achievement Guide with Earthen

This is a quick and fast guide to getting the speed-running achievement with Earthen in under a week.   Earthen Start I like starting with Treivia because she has Toxicology. Map Settings I found Duel with these settings worked best. Hamlet for the Hardcore+ with Hamlet start achievement. You want to have high movement speed … Read more