Here Comes Niko!: Gary’s Garden DLC Guide

This guide is an overview of the Gary’s Garden free DLC that was added as of September 10th, 2023, including the locations of the ghost that takes you to the new area, the 10 seeds needed to complete the area, and all the cassette tapes in this area.   Unlocking Gary’s Garden To unlock Gary’s … Read more

Here Comes Niko!: Handsome Frog Guide (Hints, Locations & Pictures)

Are you in search of love? This Guide will help you find the Handsome Frogs hidden throughout this Game! —————————Spoiler Warning—————————-   Hairball City Hint This handsome fella is sitting under a suspended boardwalk. Location Go through the tunnel and head straight to the left. Turbine Town Hint This Charming coldblooder is chilling in a … Read more

Here Comes Niko!: How to Get “Frog fan” Achievement in Minutes

Bumping into frogs 1000 times? This might take a bit, should you do it the normal way, that is. Fortunately, there exists a little trick that drastically reduces the time and effort needed to earn this achievement. Intro Thanks for checking this guide out! I can only assume you’re here because you didn’t bump enough … Read more

Here Comes Niko!: Collection Guide (How to Collect)

Hello Friends, Frogs and Frog-Friends! This guide is the help you ensure that the pathway to your perfect job has as little hiccups as possible.   Introduction This is a guide on how to collect all the things in Here Comes Niko! I left out the locations of most of the quest givers, as I … Read more