Help Me Remember Satori-sama: All EX Level Answers List

All the characters Okuu could be thinking of, and accepted nicknames.   Overview tl;dr: Characters in all windows games from EoSD through to UM and TGI, and some non-game characters. You don’t need to know any PC-98 characters. Sections are listed in the order they appear in this game’s answer list, which is somewhat – … Read more

Help Me Remember Satori-sama: All Answers for Each Level

Too stubborn to not press the restart button? Well here’s all the answer sheets to each level to help ease the pain of Okuu’s memory leakage.   Level 1 (Fruits) watermelon cherry strawberry apple raspberry pear grape banana lime kiwi peach pineapple lemon orange Level 2 (Animals) dog cat raccoon/tanuki snake koala cow horse lion crow fox/kitsune … Read more