Hellish Quart: Easy Online Multiplayer Setup

This guide is meant to help you setting up your Steam multiplayer game in Hellish Quart.   Overview Since Hellish Quart currently lacks a real “Online” mode, players are obliged to take advantage either by Parsec or by Steam Remote Play service. To avoid installation of unwanted third-parties software, the Steam Remote Play is the only choice … Read more

Hellish Quart: Move Lists

Until the developers give us actual Move Lists in the Pause Menu, I will share my own. It is currently a work-in-progress. All button presses are shown as if you are using an XBox controller, or at least one with the same buttons, like the Logitech gamepad I use. They are also shown as if you … Read more

Hellish Quart Basic Keybord Controls

I Will turn this into a guide at a later point because steam has issues right now Use this Keyboard setup so it fits the pattern on the combo sheet you can see when hitting escape ————— Isabellas Guards Next to her standart guard she 3 other ones with different atacks and other advantages Walk … Read more