Hearts of Iron IV: Peace Conference Guide (BBA/Avalanche 1.12.3)

Being a serious attempt at explaining the revised peace conference mechanics as introduced in the By Blood Alone (BBA) and Avalanche update.   Introduction This illustrated guide intends to fill in some knowledge gaps that are apparent in the HOI4 community with respect to the Peace Conference changes introduced in the By Blood Alone/Avalanche update. … Read more

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone DLC Guide

Having trouble defending the kingdom of Solomon on your own? Well don’t worry this guide will help you turn the Italians into pasta. A basic step by step guide after choosing to defend Ethiopia on your own. This guide covers the “Rally around the Emperor and the Emperor Stays” focus paths up until you kick them out … Read more

Hearts of Iron IV: Romania MP Guide

A Romania MP guide, we’re gonna talk about both Hist and Non-Hist. This guide is relevant to the Battle of the Bosphorus, and will be outdated when No Step Back comes out.   Background Romania is, while starting with a large army, by far the weakest country in the Balkans. Because of this, Romania is … Read more

Hearts of Iron IV: How to Fix Mod Not Showing Up Issue

Here’s a cheeky guide about how to fix your mod you just downloaded or updated not working.   Quick Fix (probably the only bit you need to read) Aight so you’ve got an issue where your mod ain’t showing up properly or it is and you ain’t getting the mod ingame. There’s 2 methods to … Read more

Hearts of Iron IV: How to Fix Missing Modifications 2021

Does annoying “Enhance your gaming experience with mods” message ruin your gaming experience? There is the solution.   Problem essence English manual. Step 1. Unsubscribe all of your modifications. Step 2. Uninstall Hearts of Iron IV by clicking Library > Right-Click on Hearts of Iron IV > Manage > Uninstall. Step 3. Delete next folders: … Read more

Hearts of Iron IV: How To Make Custom Radio Stations

In this guide, I will teach you how to make your own Custom Radio Station(s)!   Before We Start Just a disclaimer that this is how I learned to make music mods, it may not be the most efficient way but this is all I know and I’m not really a professional coder. Big thanks to Socialist Tsar who … Read more