Haydee 2: All 58 Note Locations

A guide showing the locations of all 58 notes in the game, which tell its hidden story.   Structure of this guide For each of the six zones, there will first be a map with all the approximate note locations shown as icons. There are three different icons to help distinguish between the different kinds … Read more

Haydee 2: All Magnet Locations

A quick guide showing the locations of all 30 magnets on the maps, as well as brief descriptions for how to get them. Screenshots of their exact locations might be added at a later point, once I figure out how (I have collected most of the magnets without taking a screenshot, and the censor setting … Read more

Haydee 2: How to Get Masks Off & Double Kill Achievement

A guide to help with the Achievements Masks off and Double Kill.   Recommended setup Here are the items I Recommend bringing to do this achievement. Recommend HP: 100 Recommend Item: 8 MedKits Recommend Weapons: Riffle or Shotgun Recommend Upgrades:Damage, Recoil, Ammo, Fire rate Recommend Difficulty:Softcore Just so you know this is what I recommend, but it is possible … Read more

Haydee 2: Unlabeled Map

A clean, unlabeled map of the facility for you to access and mark yourself.   The Map Do note that the Medical L1 map is orientated differently from the rest – east is up, instead of north. While the game is fresh and the walkthrough is yet unwritten, I figured I’d upload the map I … Read more