Gunfire Reborn: New Hero Zi Xiao Guide (Artisan and Magician DLC)

[Zi Xiao], the visitor from outland, is coming to meet all you folks with Stars and Astrology! As the first hero designed around Occult Scrolls in “Gunfire Reborn”, Zi Xiao’s ability will obtain bonus effects of different probability and strength depending on the quality of the Occult Scrolls already acquired. Despite the emphasis on randomness, … Read more

Gunfire Reborn: Best Weapons for New Players

Here are weapon recommendations for new players.   1. Star Devourer This weapon with lightning damage is easy to get in early stages. You can use it to break Boss Lu Wu’s shield much faster. You can also use it with Crown Prince’s Smoke Grenade to cause fusion effect-Miasma. When you stop shooting, the magazine … Read more

Gunfire Reborn: How to Beat Monsters

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featured with FPS, Roguelite and RPG. Here is a guide on how to defeat monsters in Gunfire Reborn game. Bomber This monster will explode itself, and you can shoot its head in advance. The best way is to throw a smoke grenade on its way to you. BTW, … Read more

Gunfire Reborn: How to Beat the First Boss

Lu Wu is the first BOSS in this game, and many new players will find it is very difficult to be defeated because they are not familiar with its attack. Today we will give you guys useful strategy against Lu Wu. Attack Mode Lu Wu has 4 main attacks: Laser cannon, Leap attack, pound and … Read more