Growing Up: Character Romance & Skill Trees

Here are the Romanceable Characters and skill trees in Growing Up. Note: This guide was created by Nium Niumium and will add more content later.   Romanceable Characters Pink (galpal) & blue (boytoy) triangle flags indicate character sexuality (white=unkown). Pronouns 1st Meeting Sexuality Alex she/her Elementary School Straight 😛 Richard he/him Elementary School Straight (?) Wendy she/her Middle … Read more

Growing Up: Endings Guide (Relationship Scenes)

As I’m exploring the game, I want to see the different outcomes for NPCs. As I’m taking notes, I thought it might be nice to share them. This is a work in progress. Spoiler Alert!!!   Alex General Information – Alex is straight, so pursuing a relationship as a girl will not succeed. First meeting: Elementary … Read more