Grounded: How to Install Mods (Version 0.10)

Guide to downloading and installing mods for Grounded Current for version 0.10   Introduction The guide will be supplemented if there are major changes in the game files There are a few mods so far, but I’m working on it Searching for and downloading mods In fact, all currently available mods can be found on … Read more

Grounded: Multiplayer Fix (Server Visibility Guide)

This guide will help you fix game visibility, until Grounded developers add steam invites and streamline the server/client connection process. As of 9/20 Grounded has some issues using the xbox service, and this guide will help you fix them, so you can play the prerelease with friends.   Is this guide for me? If you … Read more

Grounded: How to Turn Off the Blur Effect

Just a quick guide to show you how to turn off the annoying blur effect in game. Makes it look so much better.   You have to go into the game files on your PC. C:\Users\[NAME]\AppData\Local\Maine\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Inside this folder there is a file called GameUserSettings.ini . Open this up with notepad and change sg.PostProcessQuality to … Read more

Grounded: Characters, Crafting and Unlocks Guide

Grounded is out now in early access, and it can be quite tough. Here are some of our best tips to get you started.   Base Building tips When building a base, there are a few things to consider before laying down some roots: Proximity to an analyzer How far away you are from spider … Read more

Grounded Full Map With Some Icons

Put together the map to place some useful icons to find things easier, might be useful for others, note it’s not finished, let me know what you think. Colored Circles: Purple = Wolf Spider Yellow = Orb Weaver Spider Green = Stink Bugs Orange = Bombadier Beetle White = Lacewing Larvae Red = Mites Brown = Grubs Pink = Lady Bugs (possible sightings) Blue = Infected Area (Mites + Weevils) Light Blue = Starting location … Read more