GROUND BRANCH: The Mechanics of Arm Strength (and Stamina)

Various facts about the current inner workings of arm strength (and stamina).   Introduction The following guide lists the results of my experimentation into the current mechanics of arm strength and stamina. Since the game is in early access, these are likely to change. The Effects Low stamina means your weapon sways in smoother, up/down … Read more

GROUND BRANCH: How to Enable Respawn

Enable respawn for game modes in Lone Wolf and hosted multiplayer games.   File Editing Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\Ground Branch\GroundBranch\Content\GroundBranch\Lua Here you will find a .lua configuration file for each game mode. Select the file for the game mode you wish to enable respawn in and open it with a text editor, ideally something like Notepad++ … Read more