GrandChase: Emoticons List (How to Use)

Here is a full list of emoticons in English, Portuguese and Korean. GrandChase Emoticons List English /Hunt/ /Rage/ /Bye!/ /Frantic/ /Calling/ /Razz/ /Cute/ /Best/ /!/ /Psh/ /Sweat drops/ /Sing/ /?/ /@_@/ /Dance/ /Shy/ /Love/ /Let’s fight/ /Puzzled/ /-3-/ /Great Loot/ /Nod/ /Buzz/ /Oh man/ /Giggle/ /Angry/ /Sparkle/ /Hi/ /Wink/ /Kiss/ /Flower/ /Sigh~/ /Sleepy/ /+_+/ /Sorry/ … Read more

GrandChase Guide (Best Food, Currencies and Fast Leveling)

A guide in helping new players who never played GrandChase before, sharing useful tips and tricks in-game.   Best Food for Pets? So you’re thinking about feeding your pet but aren’t sure what item to feed it with? *Note: 1000 repletion point = 1 meat. Every Dungeon/PVP will decrease repletion by 10. There are 4 … Read more