Grand Theft Auto V: 10 Halloween Pumpkins Locations

Now you can find 10 Halloween pumpkins in the game every day! There are 200 of them in total !   Where to Find Them? After spotting a Jack o’ Lantern, get close to it and press the button Е prompt in the top left corner of your screen to collect it. Note that collecting each lantern … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V: How to Resolve Social Club Error

This guide contains solutions for error codes related to the Rockstar Games Launcher. The Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation (error code 0)   Error Code 0 & 1 Issue When attempting to start the game, Rockstar Games Social Club will claim to install pre-requisites and run updates, but will ultimately fail and … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V: Best Graphic Mods 2021 (Beginners Tutorial)

This guide is beginners who do not know how to mod single player GTA5, it includeds everything you need to know to mod GTA5 in a stable fashion, from setting your game up to be modded, important information you will need to know before you begin modding, it also includes my personal mod list with … Read more