Gordian Quest: Manual Save and Auto-Save Scripts

Here are MANUAL SAVE and AUTO-SAVE scripts created by I can hear you AAAUGH. DISCLAIMER: This is not the way devs intended to play this amazing game. Bad luck is full part of the gameplay. However, if you’re a savescum like me and wanna avoid it, this guide is for you. For EACH script, you’ll need … Read more

Gordian Quest: How to Add or Modify Items (Save Editing)

Add items to existing saves and change items’ stat modifiers   Save file location ‪C:\Users\NAME\AppData\LocalLow\MixedRealms\GordianQuest\Saves\Default\ …Realm0000.autosave or …Campaign0000.autosave You can just open it in Notepad or whatever you prefer. I would recommend making a backup of your save files before you mess with them. What to look for Gold/stackable items You just need to Ctrl … Read more