Godhood: Traditions Guide

An in-depth look at all Traditions, updated for 1.0 Hotfix 2   Introduction Welcome again! This guide intends to discuss some of the details of Traditions. It is updated to 1.0 hotfix 2. I’m Bruno Carvalho, and as of this guide’s writing, I have over 450 hours played in Godhood, so I hope I can … Read more

Godhood: Religion and Tenet Guide

This guide covers the religions in Godhood and includes a full list of all religion and tenet developments. Updated for early access update #4, Newfound Shores.   Religions Religions determine the core values of your team of disciples and are the basic distinguishing aspect of a playthrough in Godhood. They convey bonuses, what classes you … Read more

Godhood: Newfound Shores Strategy Guide

Here is a 100% winrate strategy guide for the Newfound Shores patch.   General Gameplan The most important things to look after are: 1) New Acolytes Upgrade This is the thing you need to focus above all else. Having stronger new acolytes is your number one priority. You should buy that first acolyte upgrade (100 … Read more

Godhood: Beginner’s Guide

A guide for new players, designed to give them an easier understanding of the game than Godhood’s Early Access tutorial currently does. Gives the different terms and concepts thrown about by Godhood more context. Any reader who finishes this guide, will know how to play Godhood, without first having to play Godhood.   Introduction When … Read more