God of War: How to Get PlayStation Prompts (Steam Version)

Here is a simple guide on how to show PS icons in the game! For gamers who use DS4/5 controllers instead of Xbox ones.   How to get PlayStation prompts Download DS4Windows from Github. Connect a PS4/PS5 controller.1.Go to Edit Tab 2.Choice Other Tab 3.On the Virtual Controller Settings choice DualShock 4 from dropdown (Default will be Xbox 360 Controller) 4.Save profile for controller … Read more

PSN Prices Drop For Multiple Sony Exclusive Games

A new round of price droping is coming to the major Sony exclusives and here is the list of them. Gran Turismo Sport – Was $39.99/Now $19.99 God of War – Was $59.99/Now $39.99 Detroit: Become Human – Was $59.99/Now $39.99 MLB The Show 18 – Was $39.99/Now $29.99 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Was $29.99/Now $19.99 Shadow of the Colossus– Was … Read more