Ghostship Chronicles: Item & Equipment Guide

A comprehensive guide to everything you pick up and find in the game. Information on these items can be seen in-game in the item inventory by pressing the I (information) button on the selected item.   Ammunition Each weapon has its own ammunition. If you walk over some ammo you have the weapon for it … Read more

Ghostship Chronicles: Marine Survival Guide

This guide will cover how to keep your group of highly vulnerable Marines alive. I’ve accomplished it personally once, getting all Marines to escape alive. I pity you, if you intend to try to do so as well, but this guide is here to make this process as painless as possible.   Foreword As stated, … Read more

Ghostship Chronicles: All Items Guide

This guide covers all of the items in the game and briefly touches on specific properties of the weapons in the game. I’ll try to avoid spoilers in this guide.   General Rules 1. If your health is below 100, the game will auto-use Health Kits. Only when you are at maximum health can you … Read more