Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Tips and Tricks

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide: Tips And Tricks You Should Know   Prepare to become GHOST 2.0 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is far more complex than its predecessor. Much like Wildlands, it had a massive world to explore with tons of missions to complete, but Breakpoint features a suite of loot and progression systems that make the … Read more

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: All Weapon Blueprint Locations

Here is a full list of all weapon blueprint locations in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.   PISTOL Desert Eagle: Sinking Country – Cold War Airfield Sharp Thunder: Sinking Country – Cold War Airfield Five Seven: Wild Coast – Hybrid Engine Factory C-SFP: Lake Country – Skell Security Operations M1911: Mount Hodgson – Mining Control Centre P4X: Lake … Read more