Ghost Hunters Corp: How to Change the Exorcism Phrase

There is no denying that the Exorcism phrase in the book is somewhat lengthy. And as cool as it is, sometimes it can be hard to speak it completely perfect, especially if you have an accent. Thankfully there is a way that you can change the text of the Exorcism book and make things a … Read more

Ghost Hunters Corp: How To Enable or Disable V-Sync (Nvidia)

For those looking to enable or disable V-Sync in Ghost Hunters Corp.   How To Enable V-Sync (Nvidia) 1. Go to Nvidia Control Panel 2. Go To Program Settings 3. Look for Ghost Hunters Corp (if not there, add program by selecting the folder you have placed it in) 4. Go under specific settings and look … Read more

Ghost Hunters Corp Guide (All You Should Know Before You Start)

A simple guide to the basics of Ghost Hunters Corp   Note: Ghost Hunters Corp is still in alpha and is still changing and having content added. On top of this, we will add more content in the near future.   Objectives What are you doing in Ghost Hunters Corp? Objectives • Identify the ghost category … Read more