Geometry Dash Vault Codes (Updated 2.2): December 2023

This guide will teach you every vault code up to 2.2 update. December 2023 Updated | New codes for V2.2   New Vault Codes for 2.2 Here is a list of all current vault codes in the new v2.2, including a short tutorial on how to use them. THECHICKENISREADY – Vault Of Secrets d4sHg30mE7ry – … Read more

Geometry Dash: How To Unlock The Demon Gauntlet

Straight to the point. Here’s how to free The Demon Guardian from the basement and unlock the Demon Gauntlet.   The Guide Unlock The Basement – Go to the Vault of Secrets, located in the upper right corner of the directive menu. – Enter code “the challenge” – Pay 200 Diamonds to unlock the door … Read more

Geometry Dash: How to Solve Backup Error

This guide will give tips on what to do if you happen to stumble upon an error while backing up your data.   “Backup failed please try again later” If you’ve recieved this one error here are some steps to help you 1. try deleting some levels from the create tab (not published ones) (somewhere … Read more

Geometry Dash: Level Editor Guide

This guide will cover the basics of the editor in GD. This is no where near finished so expect updates!   The Build Tab So, you have opened up the editor and see this. You may be thinking, what does all of this mean, and how do I use this? Well, no worries I am … Read more