Gal*Gun Returns: All Achievements Guide

This guide will show you how to get all the achievements in the funny pew pew anime game   Kaname Route Super Bookworm Just get a perfect on the library event with Kaname, shouldn’t be too hard. If you make a mistake or get hit, just retry the area in the pause menu. Super Monster … Read more

Gal*Gun Returns: Stat Change Reference List

A quick reference list of what stats each of the girls change in the Doki Doki mode.   Stat Change Reference List Intelligence Athleticism Style Lewdness Ai Tatano -3 +14 +2 +4 Akari Samejima +1 -1 +9 -20 Arisa Himeno -13 +2 +12 +6 Ayana Mikado -13 +12 +1 +4 Choko Mita +11 +2 -18 … Read more