Full Service: Gifts Guide

In this game gifts are important, ‘coz they can help you in building a relationship with characters – especially if you want to get to know not only one character but more of them. Until you reach a purple heart with them, you can’t go out with them “for real”. Ofc you can “go out” … Read more

Full Service: Hisami’s Perfect and Bad Endings Guide

This guide is based on how I got achievements – I am not sure if it’s the only way or not, but it surely was an easy and fast way. I am almost completely sure that: BEFORE you get Hisami’s ending, you must first finish the game at least ONCE! Then after starting the game … Read more

Full Service: The Concerned Hearts Achievement Guide

This guide tells you how to get “The Concerned Hearts” achievement – which means dealing with NPCs in this game.   NPC Characters List of NPC characters, their locations, and who’s NPC they are: (Going from left to right if looking at the picture below) Xavier [Garage] (Oki) Evan [Central City -> Bookstore] (Lenga) Burton [Central Park] (Remi) … Read more