Forza Horizon 4: Complete Car List Save File (All 753/753)

Complete car list 753/753 cars (As of September 24, 2021), all manufacturer colored (no livery), all non-tuned. All cars 1st owned, and only one of each.   Note: I am simply sharing my save file with my complete car list 753/753 cars, including unobtainable cars like 2013 McLaren P1 ‘Owen’s Edition’ and all 7 Pre-Order … Read more

Forza Horizon 4: Best Car Sounds 2021

After a long time, I decided to write a new guide, this time about the sounds of cars in Forza Horizon 4.   Disclaimer: This is not a top, this is just a list. This is created by edge, if you have different opinion, you ca leave your comment and let me know. Ford Mustang Shelby … Read more

Forza Horizon 4: List of Competitive Cars

In this guide you will see some of the fastest cars and the authors of the best tunings for them.   Sprint and circuit races (asphalt) S2 class DRY CONDITIONS Pagani Zonda R ||| Nalak28 Ferrari F50 GT ||| Nalak28 / JumpyArdvarkITA Ferrari F40C ||| Nalak28 / RocklXD / JumpyArdvarkITA Ferrari FXX ||| Nalak28 / … Read more

Forza Horizon 4: Houses Locations and Rewards

This guide shows all the houses that are available and their locations/costs/rewards.   The Gables (Free) -= Information =- Cost: Free Perk: Drone Mode (Great for exploring!) Rewards: None Croftdale Farm (200,000 CR) -= Information =- Cost: 200,000 CR Perk: None Rewards: 01 Super Wheelspin + Sheep car horn Sunflower Meadows (200,000 CR) -= Information =- Cost: 200,000 CR Perk: None Rewards: 01 Super … Read more

Forza Horizon 4: Save File Location (MS Store & Steam)

This guide will teach you where Forza’s save files are located, both for Steam and Microsoft Store versions of the game.   Microsoft Store Version Steps to access save files folder 1.Press Win + R 2.Copy and paste the following into “Run” window %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs 3.Voila! You’re in the save file folder, and I wouldn’t recommend screwing … Read more