Forts: How To Make Truly Random Forts Placement

Forts maps do not assign random fort positions, but instead give a fort order, which can be defined as a variable in the map script. This guide will show how to make that code variable.   Introduction When you play a lobby in forts in matches larger than a 1v1, forts assigns players to an … Read more

Forts: Tanya’s Mod Redux Guide (Commander Update)

Describes commander changes, … in Tanya’s Mod Redux.   Commander: Scattershot Passive: – Shields reflect Projectiles with a high velocity and have -50% Warm Up Time. – Minigun, Buzzsaw, Smokebomb, Flak and 20mm Cannon act like a Shotgun. – Sniper, AP Sniper, Buzzsaw, Smoke Bomb and Shotgun have +1 Projectile. – Projectile deviation +35%. Active: … Read more