How To Be Good At Fortnite How To Get Better At Battle Royale

First of all, this article is not about how to get more wins by using sneaky strategies since you’ll never get better by using those, this article it’s about how to get better at this game, and when you are good at this game, winning will be like having diner. Practice Makes Perfect It’s simple … Read more

Fortnite Tournnaments List & Rewards All We Know So Far

Tournaments is a new upcoming game mode of Fortnite, you need to fight against your fellow player in different ways, here is a list of all upcoming Tournaments challenges, their rewards and more informations.        Alpha Tournament / Daily Trials Mode – Solos Date – October 16 to October 21 Details – The first … Read more

Fortnite Update 6.02 Patch Notes Quad Rocket Launcher And Disco Domination

Fortnite Update 6.02 has been released recently which includes the addition of the Quad Launcher, new limited Time Mode: Disco Domination, Noble Launcher (Save the World) and more details listed below.   Quad Rocket Launcher Fire rockets in quick succession towards enemies with this new weapon to earn an explosive Victory Royale! Disco Domination Break out your best moves … Read more

Sony Has Finally Allowed Cross-Play For PlayStation 4, Fortnite Will Be The First

Finally, After having done a comprehensive evaluation process on the matter, Sony has annouced that they will allow cross-play for the Playstation 4 for selected third party content. Fortnite is the first game that’s allowed to cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac … Read more