Forgive Me Father: Basic Character Info (Ability & Playstyle)

I don’t plan to update this guide or add additional info, but it will help give a general overview of the characters and which you feel would fit your playstyle better.   Priest Light: Lantern. Shorter range than the Reporters flashlight but affects a wider area. Ability 1: Crucifix (3 Charges). The Priest raises a … Read more

Forgive Me Father: All Secrets and Easter Eggs Guide

Here is a video on how to find all secrets, barrels, story opened and easter eggs in Forgive Me Father. Note:¬†Forgive Me Father is early access on Steam with levels 1-12. more levels of the game will come with the upcoming update(see the roadmap below).   Forgive Me Father World 1 World 1 – ATTIC … Read more