Fire & Maneuver: All Faction Unit Roster

Here isĀ an overview of every faction and the units contained within them.   Second French Empire The French army is well rounded and can be seen as the “base” faction. All its units are well rounded and fairly costed. This allows the faction to play in almost any way it wants. Whether that is aggressive … Read more

Fire & Maneuver: How to Destroy the Russians as Prussia

In this guide I will be telling you how to destroy Russia as Prussia very easily. This is also kinda a guide on cohesion as it is important for this.   about cohesion The most important thing to understand in this is cohesion. To sum up what cohesion is, its how vulnerable your units are. … Read more

Fire & Maneuver: All Aspects and Strats Guide

A guild breaking down all the aspects and strats in one guide.   The Nations Here’s a quick rundown of all the playable nations in Fire & Maneuver Germany Germany has strong artillery that can be killed if the enemy gets too close, make sure to treat your artillery like they are your nuts, protect … Read more