Fetish Locator Week Two: How to Earn Points

This is a detailed description of every opportunity to earn points from the FL App in-game.   Important Points (lol) You stop earning points once you arrive at Min’s party, so in order to have enough points for everything that you can possibly use points for, you must have 80+ points by the time you … Read more

Fetish Locator Week Two: 100% Achievement Guide (38/38)

This guide provides details instructions to achieving all 38 of the Steam achievements for Fetish Locator Week 2   Game Start Achievements Ask me one more time • Fill out the questionnaire to start the game Been there done that • Watch the entire recap at the start of the game without skipping Mid-Game Achievements … Read more

Fetish Locator Week Two Walkthrough

This guide will tell you how to get to the lewdest scenes and a few other things. This is not an Achievement guide, but you should get most of them by following this guide. Don’t forget to save often.   A Quick Word In the walkthrough, I will describe the best path with the lewdest … Read more