Far Cry New Dawn: Splinter Cell Easter Egg

For those who missed out, there’s a nit Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Easter egg out there. It’s super easy to get to but seems like a lot of you fine folks missed out on this. So, here’s a quick pointer.   How to unlock it You will need to unlock and upgrade the Expeditions Missions. … Read more

Far Cry New Dawn – How to Disable Corsair iCue Lighting

If you are looking for the method to disable corsair icue lighting in Far Cry New Dawn. You’ve come the right place. Here is the method to disable below.   C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\My Games\Far Cry New Dawn\gamerprofile.xml Open with Notepad. Look for  CorsairRGBLightingSupportAllowed=”1″ CorsairRGBLighting=”1″ Change to “0” Save File.   Far Cry New Dawn has been … Read more

Far Cry New Dawn – How to Enable SLI

This guide will tech you how to enable SLI in Far Cry New Dawn.   Firstly, you need Nvidia Inspector tool to change values. SLI profile “code” here —> 0x2A0115F5 (Debug Mode AFR-FriendlyD3D + Possible Hints, Agents of Mayhem, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, World Of Warcraft, Far Cry 5)   Just follow the guide in … Read more