Fallout New Vegas: All Console Commands 2022

A complete list of all the console commands in Fallout New Vegas and how to use them along with commands for weapons, armor, ammo, along with codes for spawning various standard and named NPC’s.   How to open console commands To open console commands just click the button that is above the Tab key and … Read more

Fallout New Vegas: How to Fix Frozen Loading Screen 2021

How to quickly fix loading screen loop in Fallout New Vegas. If loading a saved game takes you to a never ending loading screen then this guide is for you.   Loading Screen Fix Walkthrough Step 1: Exit the game. Step 2: Go to Steam Game Library Step 3: Locate Fallout: New Vegas Step 4: … Read more

Fallout: New Vegas – How to Adjust Screen Resolution

This guide will show you how to quickly adjust your screen resolution in the game files since the option is not available in the display settings menu in game.   My Documents > My Games > FalloutNV > FalloutPrefs After navigating to the FalloutPrefs text file, open the file and scroll to the [Display] section. … Read more

Fallout: New Vegas Guide – Legion Build

Ever want to kill NCR for being Profligates?(Profligates means slightly more dissolute) Well then let’s begin the Legion Build. First the backstory of our legion soldier, which we will call Augustus Caesar after the step-son of the real Caesar. (The character would most likely be a male character just because of how the Legion feels … Read more