Fall Guys: How to Fix Anti Cheat Error Bug (Steam Version)

wanna get rid of that error message that claims you cheated although you did not? I’ll show you how! 🙂 Anti Cheat Error Bug How to Fix Step 1 Open your game folder and navigate to: C:/ProgramFiles/Steam/steamapps/common/FallGuys/EasyAntiCheat If u dont know how to find it; you can access ur games folder via right clicking Fall … Read more

Fall Guys: All Items (Season 2)

Officially and randomly available in a shop near you – Does not include items from Featured Shop and Season 1. Full costume sets preview!   Banners Common Butterfly Uncommon Dino Peachy Pizza Rare Hunter Love Shroom Epic Skelly Watermelon Legendary Yarrrr! Nicknames Common On a Roll Goalie Grabber Uncommon Mischief Maker Stay Away Best Bean … Read more

Fall Guys: How To Climb Onto A Ledge

Have you seen people climp up a ledge, but when you try it you just end up smacking in the wall? Don’t worry! This guide will tell you how climbing onto a ledge works and how to do it!   Introduction Season 2 has just released and with it 4 new stages have been added. … Read more

Fall Guys: How to Win in Seesaws (How Seesaws Work)

A guide on how seesaws work because from what i have seen alot of people find this level difficult.   what is a seesaw? A see-saw is a narrow plank that has a central pivot point , they are commonly found in childrens parks in recreational areas, where a child either end uses their weight … Read more

Fall Guys: Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Crown

Here are some tips and tricks for you, hope these tips will help you grab the crown at the end.   Race gamemode + Perfect match See-saw: 1. If the see-saw is at a high incline with only one guy at the bottom. DONT HOP ON, you will die alongside those other people on the … Read more