FAITH: How to Beat the Final Boss Gary

This guide goes into depth of the final boss fight against Gary. Obviously SPOLIERS! This guide will cover what attacks to avoid, the different phases of the fight, and the best way to navigate this pain of a fight.   Gary Phase 1 I spent a lot of time on this fight and here are … Read more

FAITH: Chapter 2 Walkthrough (All Endings & Notes)

Instructions to complete the game, and how to get all endings and notes. As light on story spoilers as possible.   SECTION 1 – FATHER GARCIA NOTES IN THIS SECTION: [Note 1] You start play as Father Garcia. The controls remain from the first game; you can move (default WASD) and hold up the crucifix … Read more

FAITH: All Collectible Notes Guide for Chapter 1

Guide for Chapter 1 which tells you how to collect the notes by their numbered order in the Notes menu, without giving away details of their contents. Spoiler Alert!!!   Notes in the Woods [1-9] WARNING – Note 9 can be missed if you progress too far in the game! Do not continue too far … Read more