Fading Afternoon: Fishing Guide

How, when, and where to catch all fish in Fading Afternoon’s fishing mini-game.   Icons – What they represent • Sea : Pier • River : Countryside • From Sunrise till sunset • From sunset to sunrise • Season – Summer • Season – Early Autumn • Season – Late Autumn • Season – Winter … Read more

Fading Afternoon: Enemy Guide (Types and Tactics)

A brief breakdown of enemy types and tactics to employ against them.   Know Your Enemy Fading Afternoon has a decent roster of enemies that will pound you to the ground day after day when you first start up, though everyone has a weakness. This guide will work to explain their strengths and weaknesses so … Read more

Fading Afternoon: Interesting Game Mechanics And Additional Endings

Some interesting things people have found that aren’t part of the achievement list. (BOTH MAJOR AND MINOR SPOILERS) I plan to reference other guides for everything already out there. This will only cover mechanics that haven’t been posted yet. As of right now, I am going to build upon this guide with visual examples for … Read more