Eternal Return Black Survival: New Player’s Guide

There’s a lot of new players coming to Black Survival: Eternal Return – either completely fresh, or from other MOBAs – and something I hear a lot from them is commonly things along the lines of: “I can’t do damage”, “Defence is too strong”, “Everyone does so much more damage”, and so on. Given there’s … Read more

Eternal Return Black Survival: Zahir Guide (Strengths and Weaknesses)

A comprehensive guide to completely destroying with Zahir! We’ll be discussing Zahir’s strengths and weaknesses along with some efficient routes that will fast track Zahir into performing as the absolute monster he is. We’ll also be discussing the reasoning behind building certain items as well play styles for the character.   Background Zahir is a medium … Read more

Eternal Return Black Survival: Unholy Crusader Jackie

This is an fun, yet expensive late game build for Jackie. The Unholy Crusader revolves around the weapon Excalibur and the Crusader Armor coupled with life steal/good food. The Concept: Jackie, well known serial killer finds herself at the Chapel during the experiment. Going to the alter, perhaps to seek forgiveness or to see if … Read more

Eternal Return Black Survival: How to Improve Nadine’s Skills

Hi there, this guide is focused on improving all of Nadine’s skills, that’s why we are looking for items that improve her skills damage and reduction of their cooldowns.   Build The build’s idea, is to get as much skill amplification as possible, and doing so as fast as possible, so you don’t fall back. … Read more