Escape Simulator: The Unusual Room Puzzle Guide

A guide/walkthrough that goes into detail about the puzzles in “The Unusual Room” Overview The Unusual Room A custom Escape Room level by Kusane Hexaku. The main goal of the room is to activate all 8 of these eyes, by completing various objectives and puzzles around the room. Once all eyes are activated, the exit … Read more

Escape Simulator: How to Add Custom Textures

A guide how to best implement custom textures into your game. From small changes like added writing to complete texture replacements.   Basics Hello and welcome to my guide. I am not a native speaker, so please don’t mind occasional grammar or spelling errors. Many puzzle or decoration ideas will require you to add custom … Read more

Escape Simulator: Walkthrough for Edgar Allan Poe

Since the number of hints I can give in the game are limited, I decided to make a walkthrough in case someone gets seriously stuck. Spoiler Alert!!!   Escape Simulator Edgar Allan Poe¬†Walkthrough Thanks for playing my room! If you struggled on the 25th of October, there was an update that broke half of all … Read more