Endzone – A World Apart: Agriculture Guide

Agricultural Plot placement and crop yield comparison.   Introduction The largest single plot area is 16 x 16 sq. units, a single side is limited to only 16 squares.So I used the maximum 16 sq. side geometry to fit in theĀ Irrigation PlantĀ and multiple plot sizes inside a 39 x 39 plot template (internal and exterior … Read more

Endzone A World Apart: How to Change Language

Endzone: A World Apart is a strategy game that takes place in a truly unforgiving landscape, where nuclear radiation sweeps over the land and ruins dot the landscape. here is a simple guide on how to change the language in the game.   How to Change Language in Endzone game? If you run this game … Read more

Endzone A World Apart: Tips for New Players

Endzone: A World Apart is an upcoming city-builder set in a grim post-apocalypse. Here are some tips for new players. if you have any problems. please let me know.   Water Collection Build your Cistern next to the Jetty, like right next to it. Food Collection Plant a couple of Orchard and Crops as soon … Read more