Encased: All Collections (Dog Tags & Painted Servoshells)

Here is a simple list of what maps to find the dog tags and armor paint schemes on in Encased.   Dog Tags Anomalous Grotto: Daniel Gerick Crossroads: Georgy Semenenko Maelstrom Observation Camp: Joshua Stone C12-Nashville Facility – Parking Lot (after Maelstrom): Newman Waffle Deserted Road: Marco Ruiz Radioactive Graveyard: Roman Vasiliev Abandoned Film Set: … Read more

Encased: Basic Gameplay Guide & Tips

A basic guide to the many concepts and recruitable NPCs in the 1.1 Version of Encased. Note: This guide was created by¬†Mechamorph. more content will come later.     Character Creation Part One: Wing and Attributes Welcome to the world of Encased. This game wears its Interplay Fallout inspirations on its sleeve so many terms … Read more

Encased: All Console Commands and Cheats

Here is a full list of all console commands for dev mode in¬†Encased. if you do not know how to enable the dev mode in the game. you can also find the method via this guide. Encased is available now on Steam, you can go to Steam Store for more information.   How to Enable … Read more