Encased: All Collections (Dog Tags & Painted Servoshells)

Here is a simple list of what maps to find the dog tags and armor paint schemes on in Encased.   Dog Tags Anomalous Grotto: Daniel Gerick Crossroads: Georgy Semenenko Maelstrom Observation Camp: Joshua Stone C12-Nashville Facility – Parking Lot (after Maelstrom): Newman Waffle Deserted Road: Marco Ruiz Radioactive Graveyard: Roman Vasiliev Abandoned Film Set: … Read more

Encased: Basic Gameplay Guide & Tips

A basic guide to the many concepts and recruitable NPCs in the 1.1 Version of Encased. Note: This guide was created by¬†Mechamorph. more content will come later.     Character Creation Part One: Wing and Attributes Welcome to the world of Encased. This game wears its Interplay Fallout inspirations on its sleeve so many terms … Read more