Eastward: All Pixballs (How to Unlock & Use)

Complete guide to all 20 Pixballs and 20 alternative versions with images, descriptions, effects and tips. Getting 20 Pixballs will earn achievement “Pixball Collector” and reaching 40 will earn “Pixball Master”   1 Slime HP Potion = Restores HP of all party members. 2 Mushroom Shop Refresh = Changes the item in the shop. 3 Wild Boar … Read more

Eastward: Basic Controls (Keyboard & Controller)

Here is the basic control guide for Eastward. this controls guide contains the PC keyboard and the Switch. if there is any other problems. please leave a comment and let me know. Eastward review Publisher: Chucklefish Developer: Pixpil Platform: Played on PC Availability: Out September 16th on Switch and PC   Mouse and keyboard Move-WASD/direction keys Attack-left mouse button … Read more

Eastward: All Cooking Recipes List

All recipes that I have found while playing Eastward. If you have found ones I have missing please let me know in the comments!   Recipes List Vegetable Stir-Fry Ingredient 1 Vegetable Ingredient 2 Vegetable Ingredient 3 Vegetable Base Stats 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star   Pork Chop Ingredient 1 Meat Ingredient 2 Vegetable … Read more