Dyson Sphere Program: Energy Exchange Examples 2022

Using energy ex-changers to move energy around and control priority on what gets burned.   General Principles. On each Circuit/Network: 1) Exchange units set to Discharge go first and add power to the grid before normal generators. 2) Exchange units set to Charge will soak up any left over power after normal consumption. If we … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: Exceptional starting Seeds

Collection of Seeds with exceptionally good starting conditions.   Best Seeds 74564148 Almost perfect Tidal locked Lava Planet Gas Giant Fire Ice Ashen gelisol Planet with Fire Ice 52967102 Of Ice and Fire Everything has Fire Ice. Gas Giant has two moons. 85483978 Ice planet – Fire Ice Gas Giant – Deuterium Arid Desert – 150% Wind … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: Fuel Stats

A table containing the values for each fuel source.   Fuels In order by base energy capacity fuel chamber gen is a bonus to the speed at which your mech turns a fuel into energy. It is irrelevant to power stations, I think, they only care about the energy value of what you’re burning. not terribly relevant … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: Production Chain Layouts

Compact production chain layouts for most common products that need to be made indefinitely   Description I made these for my own use but thought I might as well throw them up with a little formatting notes: – Generally going to cover things that need to be produced infinitely so the layout can be set … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Transport Titanium to Your Planet

Need to transport titanium to your planet? Fear not! This guide has everything you need!   The Required Research Here is the tech tree, the techs you need are up the top of the tech tree. As you can see below “Interstellar Logistics System” is in Red, you need this tech. A few technologies are … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Design Your Bus

A short and simple guide to designing your bus the right way, the first time! Distance Between Belts I recommend putting your belts on every 4th line. This is enough room for running belts between splitters, which may be necessary under cramped circumstances. You could try getting away with every 3rd line, though. If you … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: Power & Production Math Stuff Guide

This guide is mostly for beginners or people who are too lazy to do the math stuff in this game   (Short)terms i use in this Guide – TPS = Thermal Power Station(s) – AM/AMs = Assembling Machine(s) – Lab(s) = Matrix Lab(s) – Miner(s) = Mining Machine(s) – Power Pole(s) / PPole(s) = Tesla … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: Basic Guide (Early Access)

Ive been seeing a lot of questions sofar in the discussion board that could be answered with a small guide, so as I learn how to do things I will add them to this guide to help others get started.   Getting Started When you load into the game and generate a Star Cluster you … Read more

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Boost Your FPS

Dyson Sphere Program is now available on Steam with early access. Here is a simple guide on how to increase your FPS in the game. if you have any other problems. please let me know.   How to Boost Your FPS? Please check out whether your computer meets the minimum configuration requirements first. If your … Read more