Dying Light 2: All DLC Skins Save After Prologue

In this guide, you will find a post-prologue save with all DLC skins!   Where to upload the file? Drive where Steam is installed > Steam > userdata > [YOUR ID] > 534380 > remote > out > save. About saving Hakon Hakonu answered honestly everywhere, so you can easily get the ending with him. … Read more

Dying Light 2: New Villedor Marked Map

A Full map of New Villedor marked with the following: -New Game+ Inhibitors -Dark Hollows -Poppies -Elemental Goons With more locations coming soon!   Introduction This is a map guide split into parts as I didnt want to cram one image full of markers. I found that splitting up NV into each district was easier. … Read more

Dying Light 2: Tweak Guide (4K Shadow Maps & Voxel Global Illumination “Ultra” Unlocked)

Easy Tweaks for Better Visuals – 2k and 4K Shadow Maps Unlocked – Voxel Global Illumination “Ultra” Unlocked   Video Settings Configuration %USERPROFILE%\Documents\dying light 2\out\settings\video.scr Open video.scr by opening it with Notepad either by going to Right-Click -> Open with… Notepad or Drag and Drop the file into an open Notepad window. Shadow Maps ShadowMapSize … Read more

Dying Light 2: How to Skip Intro

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now available on Steam. here is a simple guide on how to skip intro and logo in-game.   How to Skip Intro or Logo First, Select the game and right-click to Properties… Add -nologos in the LAUNCH OPTIONS of GENERAL Thanks to KNG for his great guide on how to … Read more