Dungeon Village 2: 100% Achievement Guide (Steam Version)

A succinct guide to the Steam achievements for Kairosoft’s Dungeon Village 2.   To the world of dungeon village! Let’s go! Proof that the monster has become a friend. Successfully tame a monster as a pet. Tips: You need a Monster Tamer adventurer to tame a monster. Fido Malkin is the first adventurer of that class, … Read more

Dungeon village 2: Adventurer & Their Ability Guide

Here are total seven maps(Meadow map, Forest map, Tropical map, Snow country map, Magic map, Japanese style map, Makai Map) in the full world map.  each map has new adventurers and facilities. You can bring up to 5 adventurers when you move to a new map. here are all you need to know about the adventurer and its ability.   About the Adventurer A total … Read more

Dungeon village 2: Tips & Tricks for Newbies

Here are some useful tips and tricks for you to start the game. if you have any good tips. please add at the end of this post.   General gameplay tips to start! Lock the orientation in the options menu, unless you hate yourself. You can also pinch the screen to make the viewing area … Read more

Dungeon Village 2: Forest Map (All Datas)

Here are some datas for the forest map in Dungeon Village 2. if you are new to the game. this list may give you a lot of benefits to go through the forest map. BOSS: Limpoon    Forest map rank up  * Bold letters are initial occupations Rank Condition 1 Condition 2 Condition 3 Condition … Read more