Dungeon Defenders: How to Fix “Game Creation Failed” Issue

Are you tired of getting the “Game Creation Failed” prompt when trying to create a server, and have no idea what to do? I’ll show you how to fix it.   The Error This is the error that i’m talking about. Reason why this happens It’s caused by Hamachi. You don’t need to uninstall Hamachi … Read more

Dungeon Defenders: How to Fix Blurry Textures & VRAM Limit

A simple edit of an .ini file, that fixes game’s blurry visuals. Personal note best values are, from my 15 hour-long run are: PoolSize=512 PoolSizeLow=512 PoolSizeMedium=1024 PoolSizeHigh=2048 0 crashes, game looks like it should.   Preface I am very grateful to CDT for all the amazing work they’re doing for DD1, without you this game … Read more